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Different people prepare for exams in different ways. @semperjeff has his own method.

Posted: March 8th, 2010 | 2 Comments »
  • medpiano

    This is a med student, and 1st-2nd year med students practice on each other–he's referencing how an abdominal exam is going to be interesting listening for bowel sounds via a stethoscope (and palpating for potential pain areas) is going to be having eaten a [supposedly] heavy meal. No big whoop.

    Enjoy almost all the other entries, though. 🙂

  • Jeff W

    Yes, when performing an abdominal exam, one does auscultate (listen to with a stethoscope) the abdomen. It is typically done over five areas corresponding with the location of arteries. However, when listening, it is not uncommon to hear “bowel sounds” after a meal as the digestive tract is moving food along. These noises are usually fairly quiet (more quiet than when you can hear someone's stomach “growl”).

    I'm wondering if “bowel sounds” made someone think of passing gas/farting as “bowel movement” is synonymous with defecation.

    BTW, Oversharers, do you guys have a badge? One that say something like, “As mentioned on”

    You guys gave me a chuckle when I found myself on here.

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