As far as you know, Fleshlight created in order to bring pleasure. Currently, the market is full of a variety of products for adults, and every day the list is updated. Experienced professionals in this field are trying to do everything to get pleasure was easier.

And today we will talk about one interesting product that belongs to the category of toys for adults. If you are interested in getting new sensations and emotions, I strongly recommend testing the product called Fleshlight Launch. If you are not familiar with this subject, I will be happy to tell you.

What is it?

If you've ever tried a regular Fleshlight, you know how nice it is. But how much more pleasant it will be if the device itself does everything for you? Yes, this product is fully automated, and you only need to enjoy the process.

Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight Launch сan do up to 180 movements per minute, which will really give you an unforgettable experience. Be sure that this experience will be remembered for a long time!

How does it work?

Fleshlight Launch - it's not such a difficult thing.  You cannot worry about safety - all the materials are very soft and gentle, and like human skin. To start the process, simply insert your adult toy into it, it is compatible with any standard items.

But for more pleasant sensations you still need to lubricate the device well to reduce the friction force. Fleshlight Launcher is charged from USB, and works with the built-in battery.

Instructions for use

Let's take a step-by-step look at how to use it:

  • The first thing you need to fix your standard Fleshlight, just insert it and turn.
  • Then use a lubricant so as not to harm yourself during the process.
  • To start the launcher, hold the Button for three seconds.
  • The device itself works in automatic mode when you do not need to control it, and then the button will light blue. If you want to control the process, also hold the mode button for three seconds.

As you can see, it's not difficult, but if you still do not understand something, just watch the video.

Features of the device

Fleshlight Launch is full of its advantages and features that you will definitely like. For example, you can connect to it using Bluetooth and watch romantic videos, and they are exclusive and are available only in the device.

The Dutch founder of this product also says that you will be able to adjust the depth of the entrance. This is due to personal preferences, and for this, you need to move the button, which is on the right finger up or down. You can control the speed of entry, in the same way, only click here on the left side. 

With virtual reality, glasses will be cooler! And I say this with full confidence. All videos that are synchronized can be viewed in better quality using third-party devices.

The material from which The Fleshlight Launch is made is abs plastic. It is very reliable, shockproof and does not cause allergies. So, even if you drop your device in a fit of passion, it will not affect his future work.

Fleshlight Launch Photo

If ordinary Fleshlight created more for training before this contact, the proposed device will simply deliver the most unearthly pleasure. But with it, you can easily train by simply switching the mode.  

With such an assistant all the problems will go out of your head, you just press the button. Make sure that flashlights are our future, if only because it is completely safe. I recommend some best websites like Retailmenot, Oversharers they also provide working discount codes.


Thus, this thing I can safely recommend to you. It is comfortable, excellent and pleasant. Quality justifies the price, be sure. Let your devices always give you an amazing experience!

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