I think you'd like to know how to get even more pleasure. If I'm right, keep reading. In today's world of toys for adults-it is not uncommon. And today I want to talk about one of them.

Flashlight turbo appeared on the market of toys for adults not so long ago but has already managed to please many fans to play. To have fun with this device does not necessarily have to be alone, you can even ask your girlfriend to help with this.

What does this represent?

Fleshlight Turbo offers you the most realistic alternative to oral satisfaction. At the beginning of the internal channel, the male genital organ contacts the three points of the liner. They imitate lips, tongue and throat.

Fleshlight Turbo

Thus, this device delivers stunning pleasure of star Blowjob. It does not matter what you like more - “deep throat” or caress the head. Fleshlight Turbo gives the full range of sensations that can be obtained from oral sex with a girl.

How does it work?

Despite the fact that toys are positioned as an alternative to oral pleasure, they do not look like a woman's mouth or lips. The front part and the inlet of the masturbators resembles a turbine.

Fleshlight Turbo photo

Apparently, the manufacturer linked the air flow in the jet engine to the suction of the penis during the process. The name of the appropriate Turbo. The masturbator has transparent cases with standard, for Fleshlight, the sizes and the form.

What is special about this toy?

The main feature of the new toys is that there is an empty space between the entrance to the masturbator and the beginning of the internal channel. It mimics the oral cavity. In the centre is a soft gutter, which serves as a language.

These innovations, according to the developers, perfectly mimic oral pleasure a Man can stimulate only the head of the penis or introduce it to the full depth and feel the “caress of the tongue” at the base. Another innovation concerned the outer dimensions of the liner.

This device has several models, but in Thrust and Ignition, the insert does not completely fill the space inside the case. Thanks to this, a man can enter the sexual organ at different angles, as during the real process with a girl.

The materials from which this product is made will not cause irritation or allergies.  The hole is quite narrow, but that feeling will only be harder. Oversharers discount code to get 15% off a purchase from Fleshlight, and used another deal to get 5% off sitewide.

How to use?

Use this kind of Fleshlight is simple, like everyone else. First, stock up on grease so as not to hurt yourself in the process. Then insert your body into the device, and control the depth and speed.  If you are still in doubt, watch the video.


To experience maximum pleasure, stick to the following rules:

  • Please note that the upper part of the Fleshlight is able to keep most of the dirt and so you need to pay more attention to it.
  • Sprinkle something on your device to keep the inner material elastic.
  • Use enough lubricant to ensure proper suction force and protection against damage.


I believe that if you are a lover of mouth caresses, then this thing you just need. Fleshlight Turbo copes with its goals, simulating a real process. So, if there is no skilled girl, feel free to buy this tool!

Be sure that the price will quickly justify the quality, as Fleshlight belong to the category of luxury goods for adults.

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