The Fleshlight Vibro is a masturbation sleeve from a popular men toy brand. It’s available in two variants: vagina and butt. The distinctive feature of this model is its vibrating ability. It goes with three bullets which are inserted into special pockets to provide vibrating effect.  This model is considered to be one of the best Fleshlight products.

What’s so special about vibration effect?

The difference between vibrating sleeves and non-vibrating ones is huge. This effect provides maximum stimulation and pleasure. That was discovered long ego and the men toy industry for women has a wide and successful use for it. However, men toys for men often don’t include this function. The question is why. Those who check it out no longer ever have any prejudice against it.

Vibro Bullets

While science discovers more and more benefits from masturbation men toy industry gets more creative to offer you a diversity of experiences. Vibro Touch Fleshlight comes with three bullets which contain little motors inside. Of course they won’t work unless you put a battery inside. After that, you turn them on easily by pressing little buttons on the top. For the maximum vibration effect insert all three of them. Or you can opt for two or just one for mild vibro sensation. It’s all up to you.  

Fleshlight Vibro Sleeve

You can easily see that Fleshlight sticks to innovative thinking. It’s good to know that some companies are always ready to experiment with their products inventing new models and functions to make their customers experience new feelings.


First, you need to get some warm water. Then take the sleeve out and let your Fleshlight stay in water for a couple of minutes. Of course, preparations are always tiresome and you might even skip this step. But the general advice is not to. Heating this men toy allows to get super life-like experience.

You should also know that Fleshlight tries to do its best to please you. The end cap can be tightened or loosened according to your preferences and feelings. It’s very unlikely you’ll face any problems using this sleeve.

How it feels

This sleeve is one of the best at imitating vagina and anus. As soon as you insert your penis in it you’ll feel life-like softness. The texture is so good. It was made with the aim to enhance gentle stimulation of your penis. The sleeve wraps it, the canal can be loose or tight, it’s all up to you. And ribs are making this experience even more incredible, especially for the glans.

If you’re a sliding-sensation fan you should use a generous amount of lube to enhance the feeling. The inner design of the model is patented and what is particularly amazing about it is the suction effect which is quite intense and therefore exiting. Don’t deny yourself experiments with your pleasure.

Another thing is that the inner canal is quite wide but there’re a lot of bumps at the same time. That creates a certain sensation because it means that your penis never touches all the side walls at the same time. And three dense rows of ribs give you that amazing “squishy” feeling.

More about texture and dimensional characters

Still, in general there’s nothing so special about the way the Fleshlight Vibro is composed. The diameter of the canal varies from 15 to 18 mm. And it’s a bit tighter at the beginning. Three dense rows of ribs are designed to provide maximum vibrations to your penis. It may seem that the canal is too wide. But you should also consider the ribs, those bumps take a lot of space.

The ribs are rather big. Each of them is approximately 5 mm long. They are also inclined to the back side of the sleeve. And this idea is truly a wonderful thing because every time you pull the penis out you get this splendid feeling of resistance.

How to use

Basically, you use it just like any other model. Before preparing make sure you have batteries inside the vibro bullets.

  1. Heat the sleeve under hot water.
  2. Insert vibro bullets.
  3. Put the sleeve back into the casing.
  4. Use some lube (it’s better to use the water-base one).
  5. Now you can penetrate.
  6. Clean and fry your device.

Cleaning the Fleshlight Vibro

Nobody wants to waste their time with long and tiresome n-step cleanings and so on. But this one is relatively easy to clean. To do so just pull out the inner sleeve and then wash the Fleshlight with hot water. Don’t forget to additionally wash outer case and two caps. After that you have to let all the parts dry separately. You can put them back together right after they dry properly.

What else you may need

There’s nothing wrong about wanting to imitate the process in its entirety. So try some visual effects. It will enhance the intensity. And of course, you’ll also need some lube.

Fleshlight Vibro VS Stamina Training Unit

STU serves to increase endurance during sex. It’s the main feature of the device. And it is one of the best-selling products from the brand. Is the Fleshlight Vibro very different? The first and the most distinctive feature is vibrating ability. STU doesn’t have this function. As for increasing endurance, the Fleshlight Vibro is also good at that, at least to some extent.

The inner designs of these two are different. And it means that the experience will differ in some way. Although, there’s no doubt it’s going to be incredible

Price and quality

The Fleshlight Vibro is rather expensive, even comparing to other products from this brand. But it’s totally worth it and quality is the reason. Sometimes when you feel a price is too much and buy a cheap device instead, at first it seems like you didn’t lose much. But only at the beginning. Save up to 5% Off Fleshlight Items - Link to a deal.

In a couple of times it becomes weary no longer bringing you pleasure. As for the Fleshlight Vibro, you can use it all over again. And vibration function is another reason for this model to be one of the most expensive Fleshlights.

The device costs around $100. Definitely not cheap. But go for it and you won’t regret your decision. It’s better to find some delicious deals and get yourself a decent product.

The bottom line

These are a few main things that you need to know about the Fleshlight Vibro. It’s quite easy to use but still requires preparation. Vibration will give you a new sensation, definitely go for it, experimenting with your pleasure is always good.

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