Really, really more than you want to know.

What kind of girl are you? @erinfelder knows what kind she is.

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After extensive study, @moperizer uncovers a medical mystery.

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Parenting advice from @pmabray: Sometimes children speak in riddles, but their advice is profound.

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Not everyone grew up having asparagus on their grilled cheese sandwiches. But @THEtmtaylor did.

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We like to think that @joshkmartin actually loves Thai food, but finally decided it just wasn’t worth it.

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Happy 2010! Here are our 10 favorite oversharers of 2009.

Happy New Year, Oversharers everywhere!

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The new decade is off to a great start for @mmoench

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Happy New Year, everyone. We know what @SillySeth’s resolution is. What’s yours?

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In case you were wondering about @DiamondEater’s bedtime routine.

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Anyone want to go to @lophtyheights’s housewarming party? His new apartment has lots of, um, charm.

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