Really, really more than you want to know.

Holiday wishes from (and @moperizer)

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Something tells us @evannovak’s girlfriend would be surprised by how much he loves music.

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We know that lots of medical professionals read Who has a diagnosis for @theTpain?

Sounds like a simple case of Buttbeat to us.

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Sounds like @Syd has some ‘splaining to do.

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Everyone tries to look their best for the holidays, and @twitt_twoo72 is no exception.

I haven't washed my hair since Wednesday! Think it's time!..Might pluck my monobrow while I'm at it!

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If we keep posting tweets like this one from @diggy0383, will never have any sponsors.

Man. That Chipotle ran thru me like a track meet.

We’ll add Chipotle to the list of sponsors we should not count on.

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Something tells us that @Noainjection ‘s wise relationship advice comes from experience.

morning bjs are a gr8 way to keep a guy around. Just sayin.

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This holiday shopping season, @BluntNate won’t be the only one to regret an impulse purchase.

Hooker. $50 hj. Way to show self control Nate. *sigh*

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In case you needed another reason to hate going to the dentist, @siriuslyheather tweets one that hadn’t occurred to us.

Can't feel my tongue or half my mouth, sucking cock would be a big ol #fail right now lol

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We should all be more like @Joel_Luks and stop to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Sometimes, picking your nose feels so darn satisfying.

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