Really, really more than you want to know.

Don’t bother @bigmac while he is grocery shopping. Or later that same day.

Two bottles of Prune juice? Best not to ask why.

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I think @MapleStardust would agree: There is nothing like a surprise on your birthday.

Happy Birthday to me -- Massive headache and period.. Lovely.

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Sounds like @RedWineBoy had a little too much red wine.

Oh drunk sex Is great but takes me an age to come! Great hour and half though!

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Get well soon, @plastikgyrl ! We hope that soon you will just be “making a funny face.”

If anyone was wondering, my bladder infection has been downgraded from "I cry when I pee" to merely wincing. Progress!

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Happy Thanksgiving to our US readers from ! (and @Brandon747)

Took my first Thanksgiving dump and i haven't even eaten yet...a warm up dump

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Zen master @jwiltshire demonstrates the power of mind over body.

The poo I just took smelled of peanut sauce. Which is weird because while I didn't have Thai for lunch, I definitely thought about it.

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This month brought an unexpected crash course in anatomy for @d_mazatl

Menstrual cup insertion fail. I think I need a mirror.

For those of you wondering: more than you ever wanted to know about a Menstrual Cup.

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Imagine everyone’s surprise when @grerce suddenly had such a nice pair of pits.

Just shaved my armpits for the first time in like 5 mos. Hot dang. I have ni-ice pits.

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We’re glad @steyblind is feeling lucky. The squirrel was not so fortunate.

I'm wearing my lucky squirrel boxers.

We’re trying to imagine what boxers made of squirrel would feel like.

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Wow. The only thing that could make this more embarrassing for @WhatAMess23 is to tell the whole Internet about it.

OMFG this woman just opened up the bathroom door at my work when i was pooping. Everybody saw me. Mortified.

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