Really, really more than you want to know.

If @Nadstheripper and @JustinBaney don’t know each other, they should. They have a lot in common.

I love picking my nose, rolling it into balls and flicking it at people.

I decided that snot is something created to allow us the same pleasure of flicking it at people like moneys with their poo, Just less smelly

We’re happy to introduce them. Actually, maybe we should turn into a social network… or a dating site!

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A special Oversharers double-header! People who should read the bottle first: @teresaj and @socialoracle

wondering if I accidentally drank something that was a colon goodness I think I'm 10 lbs lighter!!

Lite beer to me is one step above drinking my own urine. I suppose people that like it prefer a hoppy urine.

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Sounds like @johnnypez needs a vacation. A vacation from underwear.

I just realised that I put my boxers on back to front and inside out this morning. That's how I know I need a break.

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If only @soupbones had thought of this sooner!

Wow. Vasectomy = breakfast in bed. I might do this every week.

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Don’t believe? I think it is safe to say we had never even thought about it, @TaylerPERRY.

You don't believe how sweaty my balls are right now.

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Avon calling!

Love this beeswax hand cream I bought, but I'd like it better if the saleswoman didn't let me know that she also uses it vaginally.

Something tells us @LynneKelly doesn’t get her cosmetics from Mary Kay.

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Assuming that @aurakiss meant to say “pus” and not “puss” does not really make it any better.

Cat had some sort of boil on his face. Was going to take him to the vet tomorrow. It popped tonight blood and puss everywhere Gross

We do not have a veterinarian on staff here at, but we suspect that feline secretions of this type are actually called Puss Pus. Technically speaking.

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Good to see that @jaypeecee knows it is important to reward oneself for a job well done.

After changing all these diapers, sometimes I want to pee in my pants a little, just to remember what it feels like.

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This Halloween, remember that even zombie killers like @Sarahvszombies have to go to the loo sometimes.

It's awkward when I go to the loo and the end stalls are taken. I loathe the middle stall. It makes me feel surrounded and unable to escape.

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Looking for a cheap thrill, @TimFikes came away disappointed.

$114 for Dr to talk for 2.8 minutes and grope my man boobs. Nice.

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