Really, really more than you want to know.

Matt had a porn awakening. And decided to let everyone on Facebook know about it.

i was just watching porn and realized it was the guy turning me on and not the chick

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Sounds like @buckhollywood had a rough day.

Bad headache. Bum ankle. Sensitive nipple.

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We’re happy to sing along with @give_me_a_latte, but we think she has the lyrics wrong.

Sing along to the tune of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin'”

curled up in fetal position...the bowels they are a-rumbling......

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Some days are filled with important life lessons. Just ask @jwodka

home at last home at last. Lessons learned: the DMV sucks and is always slow and orange baby vomit much grosser than just the white spit up.

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God Bless You, @abigvictory

Sneezed so hard my tampon popped out. Aristocrats!

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We don’t know what’s stopping you, @Millarsmind . Just be sure to post a photo afterwards.

i want to shave my pubes into the shape of a unicorn.

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And what did the stranger reply, @chinto72 ?

It's really hard to ask a stranger, "Do these pants give me cameltoe when I run?"

Our anonymous submitter wonders, “Has she ever heard of a mirror?”

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We think @Kimmehkins should have her own cooking show. On the Playboy Channel.

A tip: no matter how hot it is, never pull out sizzling chicken while topless.

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We must have missed that day in Health class, @jperlow…

…is “Capsaicin” what they call it in Vietnamese?

I somehow managed to get capsaicin in my eye from eating Vietnamese food. And on my pee pee hole as well. Not happy.

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If his wish came true, @twtaryan would be the cleanest dog in the world.

Some times I wish I were a dog and I could just sit around all day licking myself

Our anonymous submitter: “I bet a lot of guys have thought this.”

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