Really, really more than you want to know.

That’s funny, @redvalentino, because we ARE vomiting.

It's weird to think that 24 hours from now that my scrotum will have stitches in it. Surprisingly, I'm not vomiting.

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Such a precise measurement, @Bloof. What were you doing with a ruler down there?

I must be getting older. I think my scrotum has gained 1/4 inch this year. Is there such a thing as a sacklift?

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That wasn’t the guy offering everyone the peanuts, was it?

The gentleman using the urinal next to me showed me the kidney stone he passed, then took it back outside to the party.

Hey @JackPine, we think it is pretty generous that you call this guy a “gentleman.”

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You’re quite a camel hunter, @bassoonlove11. What did you do about it?

So im sitting outside my class and this girl standing near me has THE WORST camel toe

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Or at least that is what @Lilting_Grace would like us to believe. . .

I'm still a kid at heart. I make armpit farts with body wash in the shower.

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Is the underwear for @Raisinberry or the baby?

Potty training 18 month old. Need more underwear. Lots more.

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And what is in between, @mollyomormon?

is reflecting on the similarity between big girl panties and granny panties and how it sort of represents the circle of life.

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There are times when even we at are left speechless.

Milan is up like its daytime and n the bed w/ me. Her diaper better not leak, I dnt like it when I get peed on by a baby. Only men. Lol

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I’m sorry, @MDRoberson, but we really need you to explain why.

Having two kids in diapers gives me the urge to randomly pee in a diaper just because. I know, I know...

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Relationships are literally filled with ups and downs. Just ask @Lady12s

Whoa drama at couples therapy tonight. However, it has opened up communication. Then I literally fell down outside on the way to the car.

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