Really, really more than you want to know.

It only took eleven years of med school for @doctorlinguist to figure this out

I'd rather do a rectal exam than a pelvic. for that matter, I'd don't think I myself would like a pelvic.

Our panel of Oversharing Experts would like to point out that when @doctorlinguist twitters about a pelvic exam, it is very difficult to avoid going with the obvious “cunning linguist” joke. Oops.

Also, watch out, medical professionals! Seems like people are not afraid to turn in their doctor to!

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We’re wondering if @chadludeman brings his laptop and phone to his “remote office”

My first Indian meal in months yesterday is causing me to work a lot from my "remote office" today.

Our anonymous submitter responds, “Maybe you should quit eating Indians! Duh!”

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A tip for @SaraBareilles: It might be less stressful if you stopped twittering for a second and used both hands.

To hell with non-perforated toilet paper. So stressful. Argh.

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Erik L. is our Father of the Year!

Happy Father’s Day from! We’re hoping Erik washed his hands before logging in to Facebook.

major diaper blowout. I think we need a hazmat crew.

Congrats, Erik! You are the Father of the Year! By any chance, are you married to @dnagai, our Mother of the Year?

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That depends, @jaredgunter. Whose butt do they smell like?

My flip flops smell like butt. How do open 'shoes' smell? Perhaps washing in the washing machine was a bad idea...

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Watch out, @jenni75. I think that baby is out to get you.

why is it that the baby poops mutliple times a day when I do diaper laundry? No fail, every.damn.time. And inevitably gets a cover dirty 2

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Deanna should write a book: The Sweat Beach Diet

How can you sweat so much, not only from a good workout but also from my own "personal summers" (the big M), and not lose weight? Don't wanna hear the muscle weight..

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Announcement: @themattmitchell has been named captain of the synchronized peeing team

surely Im not the only American male that flushes the toilet before he's finished peeing, trying to time it perfectly 2 end @ the same time?

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An Oversharer Story: “Not a condition I’d ever heard of before.”

Editor’s note: We get all kinds of submissions here at Lots of stuff from Twitter and Facebook, but also some great stories. Our submitter Sienna was kind enough to share this story with us:

An Oversharer Story: “Not a condition I’d ever heard of before.”
I was at writer’s workshop last year. After spending the afternoon on a writing exercise, all 35 attendees sat in a circle with the facilitator to talk about how our writing was progressing and any creative blocks we might be encountering. One woman proceeded to dominate the conversation with rambling and bizarre reasons for why her writing was bad, which ended with the statement “…and I’ve had chronic vaginal pain for years.”

Got a great Oversharer story? Send it to us now!

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More good news, @johncmayer!

Congratulations, Mr. Mayer. This was by far the most-submitted overshare ever. You have a lot of fans tracking your masturbating on Twitter. Keep it up!

Good news! I just saved 15% on my life's savings by masturbating.

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