Really, really more than you want to know.

The real question is: What about your armpits, @sarahcuda ?

decided to shave my legs for the first time since i left sf. that's life never seeing your husband i guess.

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How can you be so sure, @ambermae?

Ernesto was wearing a rubber bracelet that said, "Boobies make me smile." I don't think he meant the blue-footed bird kind.

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Did you have lunch at the House of Havoc, @scanman?

At home sick with diarrhoea. Something I ate at lunch yesterday is the cause of havoc. Slept in fits last night b/w 10 visits to the toilet.

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That all sounds great, @Reeeme, but how do they smell?

my foot is so wide. trying on heels and i look retarded because of my fat feet.toe cleavage going on

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We’re glad @s_constantine is doing his research ahead of this monumental decision

quick poll: men: do you shave your armpits? women: what do you think of men who shave their armpits? never did, heard good things.

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Maybe @troymccabe’s spell checker is trying to tell him something

Have you ever gone to type "Brain fart" but really typed "bran fart"? I bet those smell bad.

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Anyone want to volunteer to give @lostplum a hand with that?

Victoria Secret 7way bra strap just flew off and tried to blind me! 4 times this bra has tried to kill me.I'm waiting for the next 3, to=7!

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Sing along: “@lotspots is freeeee… Free ballin’…”

Totally about the jock strap today.I love how free and breezy it feels

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How many licks does is take to get to the center, @mtrimier?

I just noticed my phone screen has a tongue lick mark on it. (o_0) Yeaaahhh....dunno what that's about...

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I think we can all agree that @sandyz1977 is too sexy for the internet

Also my granny panties are giving me pimples on my stomach from fat belly sweat. I'm so sexy hot!

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