Really, really more than you want to know.

Can you get a ticket for that?

Apparently I parked my Vespa next to human feces today.

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You could’ve just told us you’d be late.

Our anonymous submitter: “Katie is famous for her hectic travel tweets. Seems like she is always cutting it close or scrambling for a connection, or trying to retrieve a power cord she left on the bus. This one takes the cake. I especially like how she included the conference hashtag #sobcon so everyone there would get to know about the tick on her ass!”

missed my flight to #sobcon thanks to a deer tick that affixed itself to my derrierre. had to wait for doxycillun. now on the 5:15 :(

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It’s cheaper than a tanning salon…

It looks like my legs have gotten tanner, but upon closer inspection i'm pretty sure it's just dirt.

@bridgetschuberg is a repeat oversharer! Thank you to our two anonymous submitters.

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And that dog is not easily impressed.

I get out of the shower and my music is on and the dog's on my bed. So I do a dance for her in my towel and she is WOWed.

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Surely it must work SOMETIMES?

Dear Hubby, note that poking me with your boner in the middle of the night when I'm sound asleep WILL NEVER WORK. Love, Me

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She won’t get fooled again. We hope.

I was tricked into doing a shot of Southern Comfort last night. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I vomit in your car.

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I think @Wicabeth might be setting the bar too low.

Hrm, whaddya know? I ate about 3 hours ago and don't feel like I'm going to vomit yet. Maybe this is a good sign.

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Is he right about this, ladies?

Make no mistake, "boner" is not a word that should be used by dudes for their cocks. It is only for female discussion and description.

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Well, she remembered you could bring a gift…

Invited to a baby shower- for a former best girlfriend who never told me she was engaged, moving to TN, getting married or pregnant-Do I go?

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And now a word from our sponsor…

Vagina Febreeze!

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