Really, really more than you want to know.

Why do you keep listening?

I am going to barf if I hear another sex story from this middle aged, trailer park, has been stripper.

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Localized Lycanthropy

An interesting fact about me is that I suffer from a dash of lycanthropy. Localized only in the groin area though, unfortunately.

To get the joke, you might need to look up Lycanthropy.

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It’s cute on YOU, @TechBabe!

Sweat mustache...not cute.

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You learned that one the hard way.

Daddy (me) learned his lesson tonight: tickle your son hard/long enough and he'll reward you by vomiting

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Another fun day at the park!

at crissy field: My dog's poop on my hand, another dog's barf on my dogs back.

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Shanti, can I borrow some cash to pay my taxes?

I am getting back 6Gs from the Gov. I am rich enough now. I never want to make enough money to actually pay taxes.

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Bon Voyage!

The woman two seats over from me is bitching to the flight attendant that the barf bag isn't big enough. Fantastic.

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Sorry it ruined your morning. Did you have to ruin ours too?

Our anonymous submitted tells us, “Katie is a prolific tweeter, and she has lots of interesting things to say, but this Sunday morning we were all greeted with news that her cat had peed all over her brand new Ralph Lauren duvet and sheets. Um, thanks Katie.”

Was looking frwd to sleeping in, finishing up Harry Potter, lazing around in bed, then discovered huge puddle of cat pee, now doing laundry

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Brotherly love

Just saw my sister vomit all over our front lawn after she stepped out of the taxi. Classy.

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Do-it-yourself surgery is almost never a good idea

Worst idea I've had in a while I snipped this extra skin on my armpit off, which now resulted in a lot of blood. Not good..

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