Really, really more than you want to know.

This guy loves school.

Has a boner while waiting for class to start

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We’re surprised you did not share the result. On second thought, we’re not.

today I measured the girth of my penis

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And maybe you should go to confession too.

I'll give up your boyfriends penis for Lent.

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Sounds great, Greg. Can we come along?

I'll be stripped naked, dropped into a bath that will vibrate my kidney stone to gravel, then piss blood. What are you doing today?

What is it about kidney stones that turns people into oversharers?

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Even celebrities sometimes overshare.

demi moore is getting hair ripped out

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Now available in the App Store…

Playing with the new iPhone... and stretchin' out my groin!

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Um, it might just be you.

does everyone's uterus cramp up a bit when the gynecologist's office calls?

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Maybe it is the boys you are hanging out with…

When did boys get so cheap?

Posted: February 25th, 2009 | No Comments »

Let’s make salsa!

rotten cauliflower and cilantro

Posted: February 24th, 2009 | No Comments »

It’s called Lysol, honey.

spray that kills weed odor

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