Really, really more than you want to know.

Attention Internet: Watch out for Amber and Misty this week.

Apparently we should also warn any sausages out there. And birds.

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We’re hoping that soon Steve will find a cure for the common cold.

Steve: “Want to hear something cool?” Me: “Yes.” Steve: “I had the hiccups yesterday, so I jacked off and they went away.”Sat Feb 13 18:16:55 via web

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Product Review: @jwarminsky finds one downside to an otherwise useful product.

There’s really no tactful way to use a Tide Pen on your crotch in public.Fri Jun 04 18:39:35 via web

We’re adding Tide to our list of companies that will probably never advertise on

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Now that is a Value Meal! @costibizzle enjoys his meal for the whole rest of the day.

i am belching up grease from that fresh & fast. belching up grease and _delicious._Fri Jun 04 18:55:42 via Twitter for iPhone

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When @TracyKennedy1 awoke today, a stunning transformation had occurred.

When did I get armpit fat?????Fri Jun 04 15:41:25 via web

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The Body Snatchers have returned. They’ve already got @CrystalHpz32 by the sound of it.

So I think the heat rash grew 3’x bigger over niteFri Jun 04 17:24:02 via Twitter for iPhone

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Sounds like @dominicwood had a bad day at the clinic. How much pus are we really talking about?

Just had a patient’s pilar cyst explode over my shirt!Fri Jun 04 15:09:54 via Echofon

We’ll add @dominicwood to the list of medical professionals on Twitter. Let the discussion begin.

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What happens in #vegas stays in #vegas. Until you post it on Twitter. Like @kevincordova did.

this weekend in #vegas my neck got into a fight with a girl’s mouth. guess who won.Thu Jun 03 04:52:10 via web

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What kind of “work out” is @patr1ck talking about?

What worked out today and is super sore? These thighs.Sat May 29 06:26:38 via web

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It’s a special night for @SeoulBrother.

My balls are magnificent, tonight.Sat May 29 06:23:16 via Twitter for iPhone

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