Really, really more than you want to know.

Jon is proud of his accomplishments. His sister Justine is just jealous.

We know people love to turn their friends in to But this may be the first time that a submitter turned in their sibling! Rat out your brother or sister now!

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We’re betting that these Facebook friends are not in the same Biology class.

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Apparently @BayouShaniq has never heard of “going commando.”

So I didn’t pack any thongs to match this bra & VPL is so tacky. What to do, what to do….Sat Apr 24 01:14:55 via UberTwitter

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It’s cycling season! @kmonkeyjam is not having a good one so far.

Despite my oozing road rash smelling like rotting flesh, it looks to be healing nicely. Apologies to my coworkers.Tue Apr 27 02:14:45 via mobile web

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Can you help @kevin_hunt solve this mystery? He has a hunch, but seems uncertain.

So I’m assuming an entire flock of geese crapped on my car? May 19 13:28:25 via Twitpic

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A girl has to have her standards. @Trish1981 has some very specific ones.

Look, if it requires a numbing agent, I’m probably not going to let you do it to my vagina. That’s all there is to it.Wed May 19 13:52:00 via TweetDeck

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Korey doesn’t want much. She’s a fan of life’s simple pleasures.

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This may be an inaccurate statement from @lovemjc. Can you think of anything worse?

butt pimples are the worstWed Feb 03 22:37:24 via txt

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A personal geography lesson from @NinaSchmina:

I have two gigantic zits growing on the left side of my face close to my nose. Thinking of naming them “The Twin Cities”.Sat Feb 06 01:33:38 via mobile web

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We’re confused. Do @baileyteeter’s farts have hairy toes? Cuz that would be bad.

You know, I think everyone must have gross things about them. Like me, I have masculine farts that rarely stink and hairy toes. Ew, right?Fri Feb 05 07:56:20 via web

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