Really, really more than you want to know.

On top of everything else she has going on, @mazzlestar found out her boyfriend has an odd fetish.

Additionally, my boyfriend farted on me last night 🙁Fri Apr 30 11:42:09 via txt

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Feeling hungry, @SamZzz considers her dinner options.

Wondering if fajitas are really a good idea after having diarrhea all day.Mon Mar 22 22:30:15 via twidroid

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We almost felt sorry for Peter. Until he revealed more about his circumstances.

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How long before smartphones are banned in the maternity ward?

We need a clever term for posting from your phone while in labor. “Dialated Dialing?” We’re open to suggestions.

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Too bad. @itsdgc had been looking forward to ‘christening’ his new apt.

Big F-U to the “maintenance worker” who took a really nasty bowel movement in our new apt and forgot to flush. Thanks for the surprise, pal.Sat Dec 26 14:28:00 via TweetDeck

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Further evidence that Facebook needs a ‘Dislike’ button.

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If we could harness that power somehow, @digitalstatic could reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

oh man. I have a gas issue. And by gas I mean this shit could remove the titanitum plating off of jewelryMon Nov 16 08:09:02 via TweetDeck

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Julie may wish to consider a less violent form of hair removal.

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If you are looking for @badassgeek, he’s doing some heavy research.

Spending the day at the library because the power is out in my apartment. Praying my diarrhea has finally passed.Tue Oct 20 14:26:50 via DestroyTwitter

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We replaced @supersallyryan’s regular gourmet coffee with instant. Let’s hear what she thinks.

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