Really, really more than you want to know.

Apparently, @thekingofcool is too cool to do the ‘self-checkout’ in a crowded Target store.

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That depends, @davecmo. Was it your home computer or your work computer? Either way, we’re betting it was a laptop.

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@AlohaItsAmanda missed that day of bedside manner class at med school. Which reaction is the appropriate one?

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We mostly agree with @CitaBeast, but we are not sure we would say “never.”

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This too shall pass. Let’s all remind @HonorableLadyG that some things just take getting used to.

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This actually sounds dramatic to us, @RoseForman.

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Sounds like @o0o_Davina_o0o still has a thing or two to learn about men.

And is Dausen her son? Or her husband? Boyfriend? We’re not clear.

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The last thing we wanted was to hear the last thing @lemonchicken wanted.

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Some people have simple hopes and dreams. Not @Wudjey.

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If a tree falls in the forest, it makes no sound. If @clayton_salas has no butt, does he have to wear pants?

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