Really, really more than you want to know.

If @kateepotter was an Olympic athlete, we’d be taking a closer look at her drug tests.

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Lisa may be an oversharer, but let’s all give her friend Brenda a hand.

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So far, David has learned exactly two things in Med School.

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Hmm. Leon seems to share all the info except how he got the rash in the first place.

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Just imagine what @Copeland_A might have hidden up his SLEEVE!

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Yes, we saw the photo in question. No, we will not be posting it here.

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Who needs a man? We think @meganbg would be happier with a personal shopper.

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Never mind the No-Fly List. @ChrisVFOH is just trying to stay on the No-Barf List.

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Great moments in the history of science: Jan 1 2010. @benson328 discovers the cure for the hangover.

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One day, Shellie woke up in Argentina. It’s a long story.

Fortunately for us, Shellie is a good summarizer.

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