Really, really more than you want to know.

Giddy-up, Cassy!


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This will be a proud memory when @xtian666’s kid grows up to be an astronaut.

Poop news: my boys first splash down 🙂Sat Nov 27 22:21:09 via Twitter for iPhone

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Can you help @friendlyskies check something?

I can feel it, but can you see it? #boogerTue Nov 30 20:28:30 via Twitter for iPhone

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Nilofer wants you to know she is famous, fun, AND fashionable. Don’t you wish you were her?

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When it comes to self-loathing, @Rob_Hoffman prefers to be very specific.

Any time I feel the slightest discomfort in my abdomen, I fear it’s a kidney stone or appendicitis. I hate my appendix.Sun Aug 15 15:35:47 via Echofon

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What @jordandoyle didn’t realize was that the REAL new low was this post.

Home alone in the flat on friday night, i didnt realise it would be spend in my underpants watching Big Brother. A new low.Fri Aug 20 20:57:02 via web

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Puzzled about the meaning of love? @sherriva has it all figured out.

Love means rubbing Desitin on your husband’s ball rash.Sun Aug 15 17:51:48 via web

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Quick! Call a vet! Or get some Viagra! Do something!

My snake has gone limp and cold!Tue Feb 09 22:31:18 via web

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Readers: Can someone please help @meganbg meet a man? Or at least run some errands?

It’s moments like this when I really need a boyfriend/husband… I need tampons.Thu Jan 07 19:59:29 via TweetDeck

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We’ve heard of killing two birds with one stone, but @p2wsecretcode has set a new standard.

I think I just broke a world record and a toilet bowl at the same time.Tue Feb 09 20:37:10 via web

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