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What Fleshlight Can Offer?

The company Fleshlight creates unique branded intimate toys for masturbation. This manufacturer produces high-quality products from the best anti-allergenic materials that do not cause irritation and do not cause harm.

The brand also produces other adult goods, accessories, toys for men, women and couples, as well as food care products.

Fleshlight accepts ordering goods online and offers various payment methods. Here you can arrange delivery to any country in the world, because the company cooperates with various courier services. The price category for all items is fairly acceptable, and the quality is on the top.


It has become popular thanks to unique toys in the form of a flashlight with an internal silicone insert. These models have become quite popular, as they have more than a hundred different textures and some types are made from a three-dimensional maquette of the vagina of different actresses.

Use Discounts To Get More Value

Fleshlight cares about customers, so it offers various deals. Thus, buyers will be able to purchase goods at lower prices.

On the company's website, you can find models with a special offer; you can also find coupons for the purchase of various masturbators. There are special sites where you can take coupon code for the purchase of goods here – it would be great discount.

Best deals on Fleshlights and sex toys every week

There were unique promotions where a customer could buy two products and get a third one for free. This action was for the sleeves of masturbators (and it still active!).

Many companies offer loyalty programs and social media bonus oversharing systems. You can accumulate points from each purchase on their sites or save points. You can invite your friends and get nice bonuses from their purchases.

Fleshlight Discount Codes

Each dollar spent by you turns into several parts of one point, save it and you can use points for the next purchases. Discount code do not apply to a set of bonuses.

The intimate toy from this company of the same name is a device for masturbation, it is portable, durable and pleasant inside. Outside, the device looks like a flashlight, and inside there is a special insert that simulates the vagina.

Classic Fleshlight

These goods have a patented inside, so it has a high level of quality and does not cause allergies. Such toys allow you to get maximum pleasure, so the user gets a wonderful orgasm.

Many men can not experience orgasm and they need good and proper stimulation, Fleshlight will help in this matter. The company creates different textures for a man to experience new pleasures every time.

Also Fleshlight can be made in the form of the vagina of famous actresses, the company cooperates with many of them and received official permission to create a copy of their vaginas.

These products have many advantages, if we do not speak only about design and quality. Affordable pricing is also a significant argument.

Now this device is the most popular network in the industry, a lot of positive reviews and a high level of purchases speak about it.

These models may have different designs, not only in the form of a vagina, but also in the form of a mouth or anus. There are also certain items for men who prefer to have contact with men rather than women. Such products are called Fleshjack.

The Advantages of This Product

  • It has a low maintenance cost if we compare Fleshlight with other intimate toys. It will save you money.
  • Elastic, but gentle material inside perfectly imitates the present smooth and warm female vagina or anus.
  • The toy will serve you for years; do not forget about properly care of your masturbator. This is a great purchase that will be used more than once (not annoying).
  • Care is very simple; you do not need to buy many different special means for cleaning and washing. Everything is very easy.
  • Reasonable price and the opportunity to get a discount or accumulate points.
  • Large selection of textures, sleeves and body colors. It can be called an individual approach to the desires and sexual preferences of each client.
  • It is possible to buy a portable module that will move the masturbator for you. The module has different modes and different speeds; it works from synchronization with your smartphone.

Sleeves and Textures

The sleeves of this masturbator are of certain types: for different tastes, shapes and sizes. The sleeves have a wider shape at the beginning, so that it is firmly attached to the body.

They can be textured and non-textured - this is for the choice of the buyer and his personal preferences. Also Fleshlight intimate toy can have a different appearance of the hole: for vaginal, anal and oral sex.

This device can look very realistic, but can also have a rather creepy design (mouth with fangs). Specialists of the company will not be able to recommend you a certain design, because each of us has our own erotic desires and preferences.

The texture of this toy can also be different; there are almost 72 different forms. Such type is the design of the masturbator inside, it can be light waves, pimples, small soft obstacles, a tortuous shape, different patterns and so on.


Such kind allows you to make more stimulation of the sexual organ, which results in an excellent orgasm. In this case, the shape of the labia for the female vagina may also differ.

The color of this toy can be different, from the natural light to the imitation of the vagina of a black woman.

If the device is made in the form of an intimate hole of actress, then the Fleshlight texture will be more real in anatomical form.

A Few Words About Material

To create the inside part of this toy, the company uses quality cyberskin. It looks very natural and has a gentle structure. Such material allows you to make the sensations very realistic.

The upper part, which is the basis of this device, is durable plastic with the addition of other materials for stability.

Cyberskin allows you to make a toy tender to touch; it will lead you to an incredible orgasm. Do not be afraid to use Fleshlight, the material is resistant to high temperatures and does not cause allergies.


Cyberskin is the best material for intimate toys, so this company chose it for such products. On top of the inlet, there is a special plastic cover to protect the device from dust inside the texture.

How to Use Fleshlight?

Perhaps you would think that the answer to this question will be quite clear and simple, but it is not. Like any device for pleasure, this product needs special preparation for use.

It is important that you do not harm your penis or get it irritated. There is a small recommendation on the use of this stunning intimate toy.

  • First remove the inside part of the device from the plastic case and wash it with very warm water (about a minute).
  • This is necessary in order to heat the subject for a more pleasant use.
  • Remove the remaining water by shaking off the masturbator several times.
  • Then place the soft insert back into the case. Take a lubricant gel and put it on the rim of the hole on the toy and on your penis.
  • Then slowly insert the penis inside the device so that the lubricant spreads over the entire surface and goes inside the texture. Enjoy the incredible sensations.

Sale Items

The company sells not only masturbators of this type, but also various intimate toys. In the assortment, there are several hundred products for adults that have excellent quality and unusual design.

Prices for goods are different; you can find models from the category of premium, as well as items with affordable prices.

If you want to know more about the masturbator of this brand, then there are three main models that are in great demand among buyers from around the world.


Fleshlight Flight

Black model in a smooth plastic case will give you a lot of pleasure. This toy has a simple anus and texture without any additions. Such masturbator is more popular, due to the classic design and excellent delicate material.

Fleshlight Flight

This product is available for sale in two colors: in black and transparent (silver). Many buyers like to watch the process of getting pleasure, so they prefer to buy transparent models.

Stamina Training Unit (STU) Pack

This toy looks very realistic; it is made in the form of a vagina with an average size of the genital lips. Many users buy this particular model, because there is an excellent value for price and quality here.

The trunk of this Fleshlight has a golden color, and the inlet is pink (the color of natural skin). The internal texture has pimples for maximum stimulation of the penis.

STU Pack

This product has been in the top for several years, so it can be called one of the most popular. In the box, there is a set with care goods, lubricant, housing, cover and a removable module with a sleeve.

Fleshlight Ice

The transparent toy for adults looks very cool, it is made from smooth cyberskin for maximum satisfaction. Such a masturbator will be a great solution for an incredible orgasm.

The body is made of transparent durable plastic, and the sleeve and the inner part of transparent delicate cyberskin. The product is very pleasant to use and it has a unique feature - you will be able to see how the process goes and it is very exciting.

Fleshlight Ice

Some items may have a more matte color, not completely transparent. The inner texture is a bit narrower in the middle.

These products are the most popular, but there are some very unusual models. They also deserve special attention, because of their unique characteristics that distinguish them from items of this type. These are not just masturbators, they are unique devices for incredible pleasure.

Fleshlight Shower Mount

This is a unique model, because it is designed for pleasure in the soul. If you decide to relax and get a great orgasm, then take this masturbator.

Its difference from other items is a special mount on the end of the case that allows you to attach the product to the wall.

Thus, you can insert your sexual organ and not to hold the masturbator with your hands. It may not be just a shower. The case has a rotating retainer (suction cup), which can be attached to any flat surface.

Shower Mount

Fleshlight Launch

This is a super-modern module to activate your toy, you do not need to move it up and down - now this works is given to this device. You need to download an application for your smartphone to set up this gadget.

Then take your masturbator and stick inside the device, scrolling until it clicks. Charge the device through the wire and establish a connection with your phone.

Fleshlight Launch

This novelty allows you to change the speed and types of stimulation of the penis; you only need to keep the module on it. It is very cool and does not require your intervention - just have pleasure. This gadget needs charging from the power supply.

Why you should buy Fleshlight?

Women have long used such toys for self-satisfaction, and now men can also get a great orgasm. Silicone structure allows you to make the sensations as real as possible, it can be compared with the female vagina.

Do not forget to keep your Fleshlight under warm water for a minute. This will make the inlet and the inside part warmer and more pleasant.

Women can be capricious and you can not always get sex. This product will always satisfy your erotic desires.

A variety of internal textures make the fun more exciting. Not every man is able to get such orgasm with a real woman.

Many men need a certain speed and pace to stimulate their penic, but they can not say about it to woman during sex. The toy will move as you want.

Comfortable shape with a lid does not look like a toy to enjoy. You can carry it in your backpack and no one will think that this flashlight is designed for games.

Such products do not cost a lot of money. You can find a great model of masturbator for 60-70 dollars. If you find a coupon on the Internet, take it with a discount!

If you have problems with premature ejaculation, then this product will help you to solve it. The inner structure of the toy will train your nerve endings on the penis.

If you have a problem with communication with women and you are ashamed of the fact that you like men – this toy will be your reliable friend. Everyone has the right to receive real pleasure and not be judged for his preferences. Fleshlight says no to constraint and modesty!

How to care?

Any intimate toy needs attentive care and this masturbator is no exception. It will allow you to extend the life of the product and get pleasure without fear.

There are a few simple steps that will allow you to quickly clean a toy after use. Next time you will only need to heat it under running warm water and use a lubricant.

      Remove the sleeve from the body and turn it inside out.
      Wash all folds of the texture with warm water or using a special cleaning agent.
      Then you need to dry the product with a towel.
      Take baby powder or a special remedy to keep the toy completely dry.
      Use a special anti-bacterial spray to prevent the growth of germs on the surface.

Buying Guide

This realistic intimate toy can have different forms of openings for sex. Such items are a common commodity among men who want to have fun at any time convenient for them.

Like any other models, it has some useful tips so that the customer can make the right choice. The product seems very simple, but the tips will help you to choose a perfect masturbator for incredible enjoyment.

Material. Most often, such products are made from cyberskin. Many people call it silicone, but it is a more modernized version, so that the pleasure was the best. Cheaper models, most often, forgeries are made of lower-quality rubber, but it can lead to the appearance of bacteria and irritation.

Design. Every customer looks at his personal preferences. More unusual textures are created as an experimental variant. But there are models of masturbators with a more natural inside part (even). If you want to try a new type of enjoyment, then choose a texture with a lot of different grooves or gaps.

Additions. The company has developed a unique portable module, which is an addition to the usual Fleshlight masturbator. This device allows you to free your hands, that is, it makes all the movements of the toy for you. You only need to keep this module on your penis; all movements and speeds are regulated through the app on your smartphone.

Packaging. No need to worry - all products are carefully packed in their own boxes for sale. If you want to arrange delivery, the toy in the box will be put in another box for transportation.

Price. Many models can cost up to $ 100. If you have a coupon, then you can get a discount of up to 20%. Cumulative bonus system also allows you to get a lower price. There are more expensive models from 100 dollars and above. A portable module is also not very expensive. Each Fleshlight toy needs extra care and lubrication (if it is not in the kit).

These toys are in great demand every day; because many men want to have satisfaction but still did not find pair or have some problems. There are also married couples who complement their intimate life with such device and this helps them to get a new type of pleasure. These are common goods that are sold all over the world. The main thing is to make the right choice and buy a good quality model in order to feel erotic desirable amazing emotions.

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